What does progress % mean?

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Wondering what the % statistic under progress represents? Look no further.


What is Progress %?

Progress % is the number calculated by Knowt to display how much a student has mastered overall within a certain set; this % represents the progress levels for each student and will display overall mastery regardless of the study mode you select in the Study Analytics widget.

When studying a flashcard set, students will be using the various study modes (learn, test, match or spaced), and their progress will fall into the following mastery levels: not started yet, still learning, almost done, and completed. Note here that "Flashcard Mode" does not factor into progress.

As they progress through the study modes and get more answers correct, their overall progress % will reflect this advancement and increase. It will match their mastery levels as they answer each question, providing you with real-time metrics to analyze your class.

Viewing progress %

Refer to this article and follow the steps to easily view the progress % in your class!


If you run into issues with the progress % or have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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