How to see which student completed a certain study mode

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These are the steps to see which student has completed a certain study mode. You'll be able to track your student's progress with ease.


Viewing activity and progress of study modes

  1. On the homepage, select the Classes tab right next to My Files.
  2. Select the class you created.
  3. Go to the Progress tab of your class.

    Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 11.15.34 PM.png

  4. Locate the Study Analytics widget on the right side of the screen.

    Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 11.22.18 PM.png

  5. Here, you can see each student along with their activity in different study modes; if the icon under Activity is lit up, the student has used that mode to study. Hover over each study mode to see when the student was last active, the time spent, and how many cards were seen.

    Screenshot 2024-04-06 at 7.16.46 AM.png

  6. The overall completion progress is displayed as a % on the right side of the widget, directly under Progress. Learn more about this % in this article!
  7. To view specific study modes, click the All study modes dropdown on the top right of the widget.

    Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 11.23.51 PM.png

  8. Select your desired mode (learn, test, match or spaced).
  9. The Study Analytics widget will now be updated to display the specific statistics for each student under the selected study mode, where you can still view the overall % Progress on the right side. Note the % doesn't change per mode, and is a reflection of total completion %. Learn more about this % in this article!

    Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 11.25.02 PM.png


If you run into issues viewing which student has completed a certain study mode or have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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