How to add math through the built-in laTeX editor

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Want to add math easily in Knowt? Utilize our built-in laTeX support to access the math features you need to create the perfect notes by following the steps below!

Steps to add math through laTeX

  1. Log in to Knowt
  2. Open your desired note or flashcards set, or click create new to start fresh
  3. In your note or flashcard, active the laTeX code (the content of the math equation) by surrounding it with $$ on each side like this: $$x^2$$

  4. Make sure to click space or enter after surrounding your laTeX math code with $$, and it should transform to a cleaner equation

  5. To edit the equation, just hover over and click the equation and the laTeX formatting with the $$ should reopen, where you can type to alter the content of the equation again

Learning laTeX and formatting

By using the built-in laTeX editor, it is much easier to implement mathematical functions and utilize text style that wouldn't be possible otherwise inside Knowt. LaTeX has a lot of components, but here is a great tutorial video on how to write laTeX code to create clean, organized math equations! After watching this tutorial, you will be familiar with the style of writing laTeX code, which you can then input into Knowt using the $$ formatting mentioned in the steps above to easily make those equations.


A few crucial topics covered in this video include:

  • 0:00 What is LaTeX?
  • 1:42 LaTeX Basics
  • 3:48 Writing Formulas
  • 10:55 Lists and Sections
  • 12:10 More Formulas
  • 13:06 Using Packages
  • 14:49 Matrices

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