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Knowt has ads in order to run services for those who use the platform for free; unfortunately, an ad in one of our restricted categories may occasionally slip past our preventative measures. Here's what you should know if you ever see one!

Prohibited ad categories

Ad categories we don't allow on Knowt include, but aren't limited to: adult content, suggestive imagery, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, dating, gambling, firearms, weapons, illegal or fraudulent content, and counterfeit goods. We take these occurrences seriously and act quickly to remove the ad and prevent others like it from appearing in the future.

Reporting bad ads

If you see an ad that falls into any of these categories or is otherwise offensive, please email with the following:

  • A screenshot or brief description of the ad's image
  • Text appearing on the ad
  • The ad's URL
    Right-click on the ad to copy the link address.
  • The page URL where you saw the ad

We review every submission. Thank you for helping us keep Knowt safe!

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