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Note Guidelines for KnowtTakers Writers & Reviewers

As a KnowtTaker, the notes you produce must meet all our guidelines so they can set an example for other students who share their notes! Reviewers should also make sure the notes adhere to these guidelines:

  • Upload typed notes whenever possible - for subjects like History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc.
    • For mathematical equations and formulas, please use our built-in laTeX editor.
  • Bullet points do not need to be in complete sentences, but your points need to logically flow rather than to be stray, disconnected ideas
  • Here are several notes to reference as examples (though they’re also not perfect):
  • Use Big Headers for General Sections
  • Use Smaller Headers for Specific Sections within Larger Sections of Your Notes
  • Use nested lists when concepts relate to each other (there is a formatting bar at the top of the note or you can click “/” on your keyboard, scroll down to Typography, and choose your bullet point type list)
    • Indent bullet points simply clicking the “Shift” key on your keyboard
    • Indented bullet points help relate a specific point to an overall bullet point/topic which makes it easier to read & understand!
  • Make sure your notes all have flashcards created for them after you share
  • Tag your notes properly:
    • Add a subject tag
    • Add a exam tag
    • Add several custom tags (for any key terms/concepts specific to the chapter itself that are integral to understanding that chapter and that would help others find your notes more easily)
  • For key vocabulary words, events, or people, bold them so it’s easier to recognize that it’s important!
    • Chromosome: thread-like structure found in the nucleus that’s made up of DNA and carries trait information.
  • Highlight the most important concepts/phrases in each chapter that are key to understanding that chapter so highlights should be sparse
  • Add images (graphs/charts/tables) where necessary so NO SCREENSHOTS OF EXPLANATIONS, but screenshots of complex formulas are allowed
    • Rule of thumb: if the image can be typed out in bullet point format, type it out in bullet point format or else it’s plagiarism
  • Use the Knowt AI tool to create the required flashcards from your notes for all subjects except math-based subjects (such as Calculus, Geometry, etc. if you think it’s relevant)


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