How to create and edit flashcards

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Hey here's how you can get started on making and editing your very own flashcards!

Creating flashcards:

  1. On the Knowt site, click the blue plus button on the top right of the screen (next to the notification bell button) or click the Create New button (right next to the library/ trash button on the home page)
  2. Select Create flashcards to start on a fresh set!
  3. Fill out the title, description, tags you want to add, and at least 4 terms to the set (which you can use the AI tool for)

Editing flashcards:

  1. Under Your Files on the home page, click the desired flashcard to view it and begin editing
  2. Edit flashcards settings by clicking the 3 dots under the first term, right next to the sharing button to change the name of the note, edit tags, and more

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    I used to be able to make flashcards myself w/o AI just fine through the method posted above but as of recently I go to add a new set and instead, it seems only AI methods are an option. Which is honestly annoying and making me want to switch back to Quizlet.

    Here's the screenshot of what's happening below!! Is there any way to bypass this because it's honestly taking out of my study time?


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