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These are the steps for navigating your class dashboard tab, and how to use each widget on the page. You'll be a pro to maximize your class in no time.

Main widget (class settings & cover)

  1. On the homepage, select the Classes tab right next to My Files.
  2. Select the class you created.
  3. On the Dashboard tab of your class, locate the main widget on the left of the Class Progress widget.
  4. Click the customize button on the widget to select your desired cover color or to upload a cover image.
  5. Click save under the color options to keep your changes.
  6. Select class settings on the widget to access the class settings, where you can update the class name, description, grade, and number of sections.

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  7. After making any changes, click save at the top right to keep the desired class settings.
  8. Click the student button on the widget (to the right of class settings) to view your class's students.

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Progress Widget

  1. On the Dashboard tab of your class, locate the Class Progress widget right above Class Code & Link (invite widget).
  2. This widget allows you to see the mastery level (% mastered) for the most recent flashcard set.
  3. If you would like to view the progress for a different flashcard set (which will not be displayed on the widget), then click the see more button on the Class Progress widget.
  4. Select the dropdown button located under Flashcards, and choose your desired set.
  5. You can also select the desired section by clicking on the dropdown button under Sections.
  6. This entire page shows the specific Study Analytics for each student in your class, where you can also filter by study modes by clicking the All study modes dropdown.
  7. Scroll down to view each the individual Mastery per flashcard to see what students are struggling or doing well with!

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Invite widget

  1. On the Dashboard tab of your class, locate the Invite widget right below the Class Progress widget.
  2. Here, you can view the class code and class invite link to allow students to join your class
  3. Follow the instructions in this article to invite students to your class!

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Files & Folders section

  1. On the Dashboard tab of your class, locate the files & folders section by scrolling down under the 3 widgets.
  2. Click add files directly under the main widget to move existing files into your class, create notes/ flashcards, or to import from Quizlet.
  3. To the right of the add files button, click the the folder icon button to create a new class folder.
  4. To the right of the folder icon button, click select multiple to choose multiple folders or files.
  5. Click Remove from class to remove the selected files or folders, or click the move to button to relocate them into other folders/ classes.
  6. Under the invite widget, click View All to see all of your class folders/ files, or filter by the desired section right next to View All.

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  7. To learn more about adding multiple sections into to your class, read this article! Once you have multiple sections in your class, you can manage the sharing access of your files/ folders for specific sections by following the steps in this article.

If you run into issues navigating the dashboard and widgets or have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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