What is a DPA and why does Knowt need it signed?

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Don't know what a DPA is and why it's necessary for us to set up your class? Here's an explanation!


What is a DPA?

A DPA, also known as a data processing agreement, is an agreement between a data controller (such as a company) and a data processor (such as a third-party service provider). In this scenario your school district will issue Knowt a DPA to sign so that we enter an agreement of protect your and your students privacy. Essentially it regulates any personal data processing conducted for business purposes.

Why does Knowt need a DPA signed?

Knowt needs to have the DPA signed to ensure that all personal data is confidential and well-protected. DPA's allow for compliance with data protection laws, which allows your data to be securely handled and kept private. In essence, a DPA is needed to safeguard personal data, comply with laws, and define the terms of engagement between companies involved in processing data.


If you have any concerns or questions about the DPA and how Knowt handles the process, feel free to contact us!

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