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Are you on the limitless plan for Knowt, but running into the issue of having to pay for uploading more videos and PDFs? Read below to learn more about why and how to check your usage!

Why am I being asked to pay?

Knowt's limitless plan has the following features:

  • Everything on "Pro" and

  • Unlimited flashcards made from your notes using AI

  • Unlimited notes & flashcards made from your lecture videos with AI

  • Unlimited practice tests made from your lecture and PDFs with AI

With these features however, the limitless plan can only allow up to 100 video uploads and 100 PDF uploads. You cay pay for additional uploads, and if you would like to see how many videos/ PDFs you have uploaded, please follow the steps below:

Steps to check video and PDF usage 

  1. Log in to Knowt
  2. Click your profile picture
  3. Select Check AI usage, and scroll down to the Usage section at the bottom
  4. Here you can view your usage for different types, including both Video AI Usage and PDF AI Usage
  5. Find the Videos Uploaded and PDFs Uploaded sections to view your usage bar 

Is there a difference between videos/ PDFs uploaded and the notes or flashcards created from them?

Yes, there is a difference! Each section in the usage page has its own number; under the Video AI Usage and PDF AI Usage sections, Notes from videos or PDFs and Flashcards from videos or PDFs have their own usage bar, which is a different number compared to the videos/ PDFs uploaded usage bar. Though there is a limit of 100 video and 100 PDF uploads, the notes and flashcards usage is unlimited!

If you have any questions about Knowt's plans or issues with usage, please reach out and contact us so we can help figure it out!


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