How to join the KnowtTakers Discord

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Congratulations on being accepted into the KnowtTakers Program! Are you unsure on how to join the KnowtTakers Discord server or experiencing issues with it? Follow the steps below!

Steps to join the KnowtTakers Discord

  1. Log in to your email that you applied to the KnowtTakers Program with
  2. Find the acceptance email from Knowt, which should appear as one of the two following subjects:
    • "KnowtTaker Writer Acceptance [Action Required]"
    • "KnowtTaker Reviewer Acceptance [Action Required]"
  3. Click the discord link in the email to join the KnowtTakers discord server
  4. Select your respective role after reading #welcome-and-guide

Why is the Discord link not working?

If you are unable to join the discord through the link on the email, try checking your server list to see if you are already in the server:

  1. Log in to your Discord account
  2. On the left side of Discord, you should see a list of servers icons under direct messages 
  3. Click the KnowtTakers server icon (purple Knowt logo)
  4. If you see this, you are already in the server; no further action is needed!

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If you're experiencing any issues with the Discord and still can't join, please reach out and contact us so we can help figure it out!


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