Chrome extension is not working on Quizlet?

Abheek Pandoh
Abheek Pandoh
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Oh no we'd love to help get this fixed for you! Please review the steps below. 


  1.  Check that your Chrome Extension is fully updated: to do this -- please close your browser completely, and re-open it. 
  2. Open the Quizlet set you want to import
  3. Go to the central flashcards page for that set on Quizlet  - it should look like the image below (you currently can't bring in folders through the extension and no other page will work)
  4. Click the chrome extension 
  5. Import! 

If this still doesn't work please make sure you've filled out the request form here: 


Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 10.07.28 PM.png 

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