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Making sure that Knowt is a safe learning environment for everyone is extremely important to us. If you see something inappropriate on Knowt, please let us know right away by following the instructions below to report the content.

Examples of inappropriate content and behaviors

  • Cyberbullying and hate speech
    Content or accounts created to threaten or harass another person and content that includes hate speech are unacceptable. While our systems proactively search for and remove this type of content, these filters can't catch everything, so we value user reports to help our team take action to stop it.
  • Violence or self-harm
    We do not allow content that threatens harm to others or content that glorifies violence. We understand that some people use our website and apps to study disorders or unsafe behaviors for educational purposes, but we do not permit content that promotes or glorifies self-harm or suicide.

If you're considering self-injury or suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. The call is free and confidential, and trained counselors are available 24/7. 

  • Mature content
    Students on Knowt study all kinds of content, including subjects like nursing and medicine. Occasionally, some images or descriptions included as part of these study sets can be graphic or mature. We ask that users who need to study these types of mature content keep their sets private. If you see an image or other content that isn't appropriate for all audiences, please let us know.
  • Suggested images
    Knowt may suggest relevant images when you add images from the free gallery to a set. If you see an image that is irrelevant, inappropriate, low quality, or that violates intellectual property rights, please report it by selecting Report image.
  • Bad ads
    We work closely with our advertising partners to make sure advertisements on Knowt are appropriate and not distracting. These systems aren't perfect, so if you see an ad that shouldn't be on Knowt, please report it here.
  • Personal information
    User privacy is very important to us, as you can see in our Privacy Policy. If you see your or someone else's personally identifiable information, please let us know right away.
  • Anything else that violates our Terms.

Request Removal of a Knowt File

Please use this form to request removal of any file on Knowt. We’ll review each request before taking any action. This form is subject to Knowt’s terms of service & privacy policy. 

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