How to use spaced repetition mode

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Knowt's Spaced Repetition Mode is a scientifically backed study method that enhances your preparation experience through set time intervals and multiple rounds to help you ace any exam.


Getting Started

To maximize your use of Spaced Repetition Mode, follow these steps:

  1. Select the flashcard set you want.
  2. Click the Spaced Repetition button on the left-hand side of the screen, right above Matching Game.
  3. Select the amount of new cards you want to see per day, as well as the respective time intervals (changing the time intervals allows you to modify how soon you see a card each time you select that button, and we recommend sticking to our suggested intervals if you're a beginner). Pick the options that fit your goals and style:
    • Question types: By default we recommend just the flashcard question type, but you can pick the type of questions that will appear in Spaced Repetition Mode, including multiple choice, true/false, and written response. 

Once you've selected your options, click start to begin your personalized study session. Spaced Repetition will allow you to gauge and report how difficult cards are, which will then focus on showing you harder terms/ definitions sooner while introducing new cards in new rounds.


Why is spaced repetition so effective?

Spaced repetition is extremely effective in helping individuals to retain information for longer periods of time compared to crammed learning sessions due to repeated encounters with the material over time producing superior long-term learning. 



  • You shouldn't use spaced repetition if your exam is closer than 30 days. If it is closer than that we recommend using learn mode instead. 

Good luck and ace your exams with Spaced Repetition Mode!



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